Social Media: The need of the hour for your E-commerce Store

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Social Media: The need of the hour for your E-commerce Store


Social media has evolved as a powerful marketing tool for e-commerce merchants around the globe. And ever since the pandemic, the use of social media platforms has been increasing at a great pace. For a merchant, including social media in its marketing tool kit is more beneficial than one could imagine. Social media has the ability to direct the prospect towards increased customer engagement, conversion and retention. There are multiple social media platforms that are used by companies as they try and extend their reach to their target demographic in the hopes that it will increase traffic and bring in money. That is why they will look into how they can buy TikTok followers, pay for retweets, as well as use tools for Instagram likes, and so on, as this can push them forward in their pursuit of utilizing their social media pages for increased visibility.

In the age of digitalization, social media presence is becoming a crucial need for a merchant. Many consumers admitted that their shopping/ buying behaviour has changed after the pandemic. They no longer search and scroll websites to buy products. Instead, they go to the brand’s social media profiles and purchase the product featured on the post. It not only indicated the change in customer buying behaviour. But it also reflects how e-commerce retailers are catering to the changing consumer buying behaviour. Understandably, while you can market your business content or products on social media all by yourself, it may be far more beneficial to hire a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai or elsewhere. A digital marketing expert might have better analytical and social skills necessary to quickly identify your target audience and gain a better understanding of who your customers are and what they require. They can also assist you in attracting the attention of your customers by making the best use of your social media channels. You may not have the budget to hire a full-time digital marketer when your business is still in its early stages, but you may be able to afford a digital marketing agency. Sure, it may cost you some money, but consider how much money you can save by not having to pay for all of the resources that agencies have access to.

E-commerce has been booming ever since the pandemic arrived, and so does the usage of social media platforms. Let’s look at what the data-driven figures have to say about it. E-commerce has seen a dramatic rise of 32.4% annually in the year 2020 alone. Whereas, Social media platforms are adding 10 million new users every day. The number indicated the potential benefits of integrating these two dominants to sell effectively.

Social media, often called an inseparable part of our lives, is on the verge of becoming an inseparable part of E-commerce as well.

Keep reading, as in this blog, we will explain why you should include social media in your marketing strategy for your Shopify store.
Serving customers made easy
Social Media offers exceptional features like responding to customers’ queries and responding to negative comments. Your potential customers also have access to view how nicely to retort to negative comments, your efforts to solve their problems and your speed of answering the question. It creates a longer-lasting and positive effect on their mind and eventually leads to increased customer retention.
Knowing your Customer is the key
Buyers admit that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. play an influencing role in their buying journey. Social media, with the help of some social networks, helps people in choosing what they want. However, these social groups are accessible to all, to you as well, and you can use them to know the choice and preferences of your customers.
Furthermore, special algorithms of social media platforms show your posts to the audience with similar preferences. It works as an influencing factor in customers’ buying journeys.
Brand Perception
Brand perception is how your audiences view your brand. Brand perception boosts e-commerce conversions, strengthens brand loyalty and promotes a sense of trust. The feedback and positive reviews help customers relate to the content.
The Stronger brand perception can only result in stronger customer loyalty and increased customer retention. A supportive response to one user from your side can turn many potential customers into paying customers and authenticates your brand credibility. One way to potentially create a positive brand perception is to increase visibility and form a strong open connection with prospective buyers. Some brands do this by having personalised Instagram accounts that document their progress and inner business functions. An alternative way could be to have a podcast where you collaborate with similar brands and influencers to discuss topics important to your brand. You could potentially look into this service or speak to recommended professionals if you wanted to learn more about setting up an online platform for your brand.
Scope of improvements
As mentioned before, Social media lets you know what your audience likes and dislikes and opens the gate of improvements your products need. There are always chances of advancement no matter what you do. And making improvements becomes a lot easier when you know what is to be improved (or what is product lacking) and who you are competing with within the market. A B2B study might help you in this regard. However, you need to first Source B2B respondents that agree to be a part of your survey. Then, you must make sure the respondents are verified so that you don’t end up having inappropriate or deceitful responses.
Apart from this, customer feedback, comments and reviews empower you to explore the world of enhancement and scope to wow your customers every time they visit your store.
Customer engagements
#Games, #Quizzes and #challenges! The best strategies to win customer engagement and increase the rate of footfalls on the website and followers on social media platforms is to encourage your users to take part in exciting challenges and quizzes.
When the participants (your loyal customers) post something related to your brand on their own social media platforms, it eventually works as an indirect promotion for your brand. Customers highly appreciate this gold-mine tactic and eventually accentuate the best and brightest of your brand.
Instagram-Shopify Integration
If you are a Shopify store owner, we have good news for you. You can now sell the products of your online store directly through your Instagram profile. With the latest Instagram-Shopify integration, Shopify merchants can enjoy the cutting edge features, offer a true omnichannel experience to their customers. With this integration, merchants can attain realistic business goals and target more niche-specific audiences.
Concluding Statement!
Social Media is a boon for your Shopify store. Many users have admitted that they have difficulty trusting a brand that does not have a social media presence. It is a proven fact that having social media presence on multiple platforms will help you build your brand, increase loyalty and boost revenue. And Shopify supports merchants to sideline old-fashioned selling methods.
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