Start your business in 5 simple steps with It-Geeks!

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Start your business in 5 simple steps with It-Geeks!


Do you have a business idea? But don’t know how to start with it? Apparently, It-Geeks know how to solve your problem! How? Just the way we did for hundreds of business owners, who once were baffled about launching a business. Continue reading to know the simplest way to start your online business. eCommerce is burgeoning every passing day, and we all have felt that, haven’t we? It is now more arduous than ever to think of something which can not be sold online, not impossible, we daresay. And, if it continues to escalate at this pace, we can gamble that the future of this industry is too bright. To take your business into the eCommerce world, Shopify is the best platform.

Entrepreneurship is an appealing concept to many people, but figuring out how to start a business can be so overwhelming that it scares people away. Starting a business entails planning, making financial decisions, conducting market research, and learning about topics you never expected to learn about. Also, it is important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all model for starting a new business; however, if you have decided to start your own business, you should expect a difficult time as you learn about your market. And it’s important to know if now is the right time to be a part of this revolution and dive deeper into the eCommerce ocean. If you want to know more about whether now is the perfect time to start your own business, you may read the articles like – Opening your own business in 2020 – yes or no? – on the Tabula Rasa Magazin website.

Anyway, to start your business on Shopify, you merely have to follow these steps to launch and boom your business.

  1. Choose your Product
  2. Market research
  3. Define your business
  4. Set up your store (we will take care of that).
  5. Post-launch!

Let us explain the above steps by giving more emphasis on each of them.

1. Choose your Product:

Choosing a product is the most crucial stage of starting an online business. Although, those who have made up their mind about the niche product can move on to the next step. And for those, who are bewildered by the infinite options of products to sell, this blog by Shopify can help you choose the legitimate product. A few well-established merchants have quoted that choosing a profitable product to trade was more difficult than selling itself. It is not that the products are so few: it is that they are so many. As A.G. Gardiner once quoted in one of his essays that “It is not poverty you suffer from, but an embarrassment of riches.”
The products available to sell are as many as the variety of human faces that make it difficult for one to choose. Nevertheless, we have some suggestions made here to pick the right product or array of products.

  1. Analyse your interest and expertise
  2. Evaluate all products lies in the niche expertise
  3. Research its worthiness and demand in the market
  4. Identify your target audience
  5. Locate the best suppliers for the raw material
  6. Analyse the competitors and their moves

2. Market research:

Once you know what to sell, now is the time to choose your niche market and competition. As the old saying goes, it is easier to fulfill the already created demand than to create one. You should select the product for which there exists a market. Analyse how many competitors you might have to compete with and then point out the features that differentiate your product and business. You may have to also rely on digital marketing services to get the recognition that you desire for your brand or business (read more here, if interested).

At this stage, it is advisable to do some thoro SWOT analysis. Defining your brand’s mission and vision will let you set a distinct impression of your brand in the digital world.

3. Define your business:

The most creative part of setting up your dream business is here, i.e., naming your business, creating a logo, and deciding the brand colours. This step is going to build your brand’s identity, which could possibly be transferred, if you have a material product to sell, onto the flexible packaging that may be used for packing and presenting the product, potentially helping to solidify the brand’s identity. Remember to choose a name that is easy to remember and has some connection with you or your products.

We would suggest you be more careful while choosing the brand’s colour. Every colour has some deep meaning. For instance, the colour blue conveys trust. The Logo and the brand’s colour express your message to prospects without words. So, while choosing it, you should be more careful. An additional tip is that it would be a good idea to use a professional design and branding company such as Cefar (https://www.cefar.co.uk/design/branding) to ensure that your branding is the best it can possibly be to attract consumers to your product and make a strong and long-lasting brand.

4. Set up your store (We will take care of this):

In this step, you will have to select the most suitable Shopify plan. You can see the plans and prices offered by Shopify here. Setting up a store on Shopify involves designing your store, setting up the product prices, installing apps, setting up shipping, and payment gateway. If you partner with It-Geeks, we will look out for everything from selecting the perfect theme for your brand to installing the necessary apps. In simpler terms, when you shake hands with It-Geeks, we watch out for every aspect of your store to offer you the scope to focus more on the selling part.

5. Post-launch!

Launching your business online is not enough. Instead, it is the start of a new loop of activities to acquire more customers. After all, what is the benefit of having a full-fledged website when no customer wants to buy your product? So, after launching your website, it is time to get customers at your storefront. To make your store easily accessible to your potential customers, market it using email marketing, social media marketing and PPC. SEO is the best of the bunch at this stage considering it get more visitors to your store organically.

Gain the competitive edge in the competitive world and start selling your products to customers at their doorsteps. It-Geeks is a dedicated team of experts who strives to deliver the best quality services to our clients. We promise to exceed expectations, not the budget. Contact our team now. We can assure you that our responding time is as fast as our service delivery time. Contact Us now.

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