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Outperform your competitors with Shopify-Instagram Integration


Shopify, in its goal of providing a seamless eCommerce experience to the merchant, never misses an opportunity to wow them. Shopify-Instagram is one such move by Shopify to deliver best in class experiences to its merchants.
Social Media integration is one of the principal advantages of owning a Shopify store. Instagram, out of all other social media platforms, is the most beneficial. Integrating your Shopify store into your Instagram page is the most advantageous way of providing an authentic Omni-channel experience to your customers. Sell more effectively on Shopify and on Instagram with this exceptional integration.

Instagram is the dominant sales channel with 1 billion active users. When you sell on Instagram, it empowers you to target a more precise audience. Shopify, on the other hand, is an eCommerce giant which is growing at the rate of knots and empowering merchants to sell to a larger audience and increase their profit. And when these dominating platforms, in their own fields, hobnob together, it becomes another ball game. To save you from hitting a snag, we present this blog to know Shopify-Instagram Integration completely.

With this magnificent integration, Shopify merchants can enjoy the cutting edge features Instagram offers. Shopify offers the best way to build a business whereas Instagram is on the verge of becoming the most favourite platform for teenagers to pass their time and shop for their favourites. Shopify-Instagram integration is the path to attain realistic business goals and to target more niche-specific audiences.

Specifically, Shopify-Instagram integration has a lot for merchants, and the wiser are those who do not cease a moment and start getting benefited from it. Adding Instagram as a sales channel allows you to bank on User-generated Content such as Instagram comments, mentions, tags, and follower counts. If you are up to targeting the age group of 18-35 years old, Integrating your Shopify store with Instagram is highly recommended for you.

How can I outperform my competitors with Shopify-Instagram integration?
You might ask.

Shopify has unveiled its all-new feature Shoppable Instagram exclusively to Shopify merchants to give them a competitive and distinct edge. That means this option will not be at the disposal of the non-Shopify users. Instagram is the best platform to sync your store to in order to push your sales. Shopify-Instagram integration allows you to sell effectively on both platforms to gain maximum advantages. Other than Shoppable Instagram, Instagram gallery, Follow up button and installing tracking pixels are the advanced, exclusive and impeccable features offered by Shopify and Instagram combined. This integration empowers you to break the orthodox selling techniques most of your competitors are using and offer an omnichannel experience to your customers. It offers a scope of gaining a competitive edge and boosting revenue.

Top Benefits offered by Shopify-Instagram Integration:

Shoppable Instagram:
Make your selling experience more seamless and profitable with SHoppable Instagram.

Shoppable Instagram is the vibrant way of showcasing your products on your Instagram feed to let your customers purchase what they see on their feed without leaving the page.
It is like product catalogues, but online. It is a revolutionary feature to break the accustomed selling techniques set by your competitors. Product tagging is as simple as tagging your friends on Instagram, and so is selling.

Instagram Galleries:
Generate more leads with user-generated content.

To have an Instagram gallery on your site is very profitable for you as well as your customers. For you, it can help to attract customers who are not familiar with your store yet. And for customers, it can serve them the social proof and UGC to help make an informed decision.
This feature allows you to share photos of your choice on your Shopify store. Not only that, it can send users to your Instagram feed to increase the follower count.

Advanced tracking:
Track who well the ad campaigns are performing.

You can install a Facebook tracking pixel on your Shopify store to track the activity and worthiness of social media campaigns.
You might ask whether these ads will show compulsorily on Facebook if you use Facebook pixel. The answer is as simple as ABC, a big NO! The ads will not run on Facebook if you do not want them to.

Final Words:
Shopify-Instagram integration will benefit you in many ways. It will boost your sales, increase follower count on social media, build the omnichannel presence of your brand, build trust and loyalty, multiply revenue, and double your customer engagement. Investment required is having a Shopify account, Facebook and Instagram account and time.
It is the time to sideline the old-fashioned methods of selling. It is the digital age where multi-platform selling plays a crucial role in increasing revenue and customer engagement. Contact Us now for your Integration of your Shopify store with Social Media.

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