Optimizing Your Shopify Store Loading Speed

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Optimizing Your Shopify Store Loading Speed

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In today’s world of e-commerce all that matters is “SPEED”. The slower the loading speed of the website the less is the interest of the visitor. If your website works slow, takes time to load the contents the visitor is looking for then he/she will eventually lose interest in your website.

At IT-Geeks, we have a dedicated team of experts helping in the speed optimization of the client’s website. IT-Geeks Experts are always keen to help you to enhance the speed of your website which will result in developing the customers/visitors interest in your website. We have a dedicated team of developers who not only help in developing or migrating your stores but also helps you in improving your website performance.

Itgeeks shopify expert
1. Compressing/Reducing the size of your image:-

The larger the image, the more time is taken by the page to load. In order to speed up the loading of your page, you can further reduce the size of the image so that the space and time taken by the webpage/website to load is reduced and hence it also improves/enhances the speed of your page.

2. Lazy Loading:-

Often while scrolling a page we see that the images appearing are either still loading or becoming clear. This is lazy loading. The developers at IT-Geeks help you to get rid of this lazy loading easily and improve the loading speed of your store.

3. Removing unwanted apps:-

There are a lot of Shopify Apps that help us get easy access to a lot of things, but at the same time, having a lot of them can slow down the store speed. You can easily audit the apps associated with your shopify store and track their performance.
After auditing the same you can remove all the unwanted apps from your store and help in improving or speeding up your store/website speed.

4. Using Static Images:-

It is often seen that GIFs are more attractive and appear to be more valuable as they provide interactive experience to customers/viewers. But at the same time, GIFs are more spacious and time consuming, they slow down the processing speed and affect the performance of the website. By the use of 2 to 3 GIFs, normally 10 MB+ of space is occupied.
Hence, at all possible places you should use Static Images that consume less space and take less processing time as compared to GIFs.

Apart from these basic elements, there are few other things that can significantly increase your site loading speed.

1. Performance Analysis:-
  • Analyzes the Mobile and Desktop Performance with PageSpeed Insights
  • Website Speed and Performance Optimization can be done with Gtmetrix.GtMetrix is a tool that helps you to analyse the page speed performance. It generates PageSpeed Score and PageSpeed Suggestions for your Website.
  • Monitor a Website’s Speed and Performance with Pingdom. Pingdom tests the load speed of the page for free and recommends how to make a website faster.
2. Make Your Page Lightning Fast with AMP:-
  • AMP/ Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open standard framework designed to create fast-loading web pages on mobile devices. With AMP technology, users can access your website quickly on mobile devices.
  • In Shopify, you can easily generate AMP Pages by using FireAMP or RocketAMP Apps. Both these apps are available on shopify app store.
3. Download a Fast and Responsive Theme for Your Shopify Store:-
  • The website most importantly depends on the theme used to create it.
  • You should opt for a fast and responsive theme which responds fast and occupies less space.
  • Always check a live preview of the theme through Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Once you choose/select a theme for your store, always keep it up-to-date.
4. Minimize Redirects and Broken Links:-
  • Too many redirects and broken links also affects the performance speed of the site.
  • For Redirects: In Shopify, you can use a function called “URL Redirect” and rectify all the possible redirection issues affecting your site performance.
  • For Broken Links: Broken Links can increase unnecessary HTTP Requests and result in bad user experience.

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