How to make your Shopify store stand out from the crowd?

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How to make your Shopify store stand out from the crowd?


If you are a Shopify store owner, you must have heard of the ever-increasing competition and the business failure rates. Shopify is trending at great heights. Many businesses are entering and making their own ways to earn a fortune worth profit. While some stores can not stand a chance in the increased competition and hence, fall easily. The increased rates of both the competition and the downfalls have a bunch of reasons. But it indicates only one thing, the importance of making your Shopify store stand out from the crowd.

We all believe saying and doing are as different as chalk and cheese. Are we not? And that is why It-geeks, in its mission of helping millions of businesses to grow, is presenting to you all simple steps to help your Shopify store be distinct and impressive.

Let’s start with understanding why making your store stand out from the crowd is crucial.

Consider yourself an online buyer looking for good quality gym wear. You finalized two stores, site A and site B. Site A has clear navigations on the top, allows you to apply search filters, addresses your pain points, loads super fast, is interactive and has all essential features like descriptions of products, prices and customer testimonials. On the other hand, site B lacks those features but covers all the essential ones. Which of them will you choose?
The answer is pretty simple. The first website will attract you more and ultimately convince you to make a purchase.

Also, businesses tend to hire knoxville seo services or take the help of marketing firms in their location that can optimize their website in order to get more traffic. In short, a properly optimized website that is easy to navigate, has attractive aesthetics, and loads super-fast is more likely to get more conversion, customer retention and low cart abandonment rate. And this is why making your store out of the crowd is essential.

We are listing below five peerless tricks to create a peculiar store.

Offer distinct products:
If you don’t know what you are going to offer then consider selling something which has comparatively less competition. Thorough research into the existing market trends and customer demand would help you make an informed decision. And to get it done, you can take the help of various dropshipping product research tools available online. Sometimes it is not just about offering something different, it is about offering differently. When you sell a product that has more demand but also way too many competitors, offering differently will help you. We advise you to define your vision and mission clearly, uniquely and attractively and use it consistently across several social media channels to be in front of the eyes of your potential customers. Address what your customer’s pain points are and what your competitors have failed to serve them.
Build a distinct brand image:
The theme, colours, fonts and images imbibed on the website is the most crucial element in creating a distinct impression for a Shopify store. As an eCommerce store, you should pay much attention to the quality and consistency of content present on the website. Check whether or not the content on your website is consistent and relevant. Also, check to see if it is eye-catching. In this day and age, your website will be the first impression that potential clients will get of your business and if they are mesmerised by the Dynamic Creative Ads that your site has, for example, it is very likely that you will retain them as customers. They are the most important people in your business after all.
Try to interact with your clients with words on your websites. That makes a powerful and long-lasting impression on your customers.
Marketing Strategies plays a crucial role:
Creative and Interactive marketing strategies help in increasing customer engagement. And more customer engagements untimely convert potential customers into paying customers. There is no one perfect strategy. The right strategy for your store will depend on your niche market. For instance, If your customers are likely to spend more time on Instagram, you can start posting more frequently and invest money in Instagram marketing. You ask your customers to make reels with your product and post them on your account.
In today’s world, high engagement on Social media platforms is gaining an edge for eCommerce stores.

Aesthetically pleasing theme:
A beautiful website is a ninja for getting more leads. Everyone loves what looks good, don’t believe it? In a survey, over 92% of customers said for them, visual appeal means more than any other factor. This survey report is more than enough to know why the aesthetics of websites matter.
When we say an aesthetically pleasing website, we are not conveying to make your website more colourful than the rainbow. Keep the colours minimal and consistent throughout your website and logos. Additionally, to appease the customers, you can also send your products in themed boxes and packaging through an eCommerce logistic company that provides 3pl (third party logistic) services. It can attract one-time customers to regularly order items through your store.

Keep it up-to-date:
Although, this process can be taken care of automatically. But, it does not free you from the responsibility of taking care of your inventory, prices, product placements and policies.
Outdated websites steal your customers and also harms your brand’s value. Updating your website from time to time helps your brand to catch customers’ attention. In this way, you can force Google bots/crawlers to crawl your website for its search engines, which will boost your search engine ranking.

Allow us to help!
These were the few tricks that can help you stand out in the crowd. But these are not all, if you want to build a store that has no match, then shake hands with It-geeks, and we will create one for you. We have been in this field for more than eigth years and have helped thousands of businesses to grow and flourish.
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