August denotes a momentous occasion for ITGeeks as an organization: ou – itgeeksin

August denotes a momentous occasion for ITGeeks as an organization: our fifth-year anniversary.

Cheers to the 5 years of progress and development of the organization which helped numerous businesses grow and become successful.  From our modest roots as a two-man organization to our breakthrough into the eCommerce industry, ITGeeks has witnessed critical advancement during its five-year lifespan.

The organization currently brags an exceptionally prepared group of Shopify experts, each with an area of expertise that permits us to offer a scope of specialist services to various clients. 

Innovativeness and Creativity are the centers of what ITGeeks brings to the table, and what separates us is our capacity and ability to apply our unique pizazz to every aspect of our work.  Regardless of whether we are building a site or designing a brand for our customers, we are anxious to place our own unique spin on each job and each undertaking so we can ensure an independently customized outcome unfailingly. TOP SHOPIFY EXPERTS, REVIEWS, MOST RATED EXPERTS, 

ITGeeks celebrated its fifth anniversary with not so bossy boss on 1st August 2020. IT-Geeks is one of the FASTEST GROWING companies to the extent, web designing, and web development is considered. As the name proposes, individuals here are occupied with technical tasks obsessively and fanatically.  It was our exceptional day and the entire group of ITGeeks contributed with vim and euphoria to praise the day. 

Five years prior, our two founders understood that there was a need to help the existing paradigms and standards related to the e-commerce industry while offering out-of-the-box solutions for web design and web development. In this way, IT-Geeks was set up. The organization is better known for getting things done in an exceptional manner, say making enchantment, and creating magic in the digital world.

Whatever the digital need be, from developing a website to designing it,  from providing SEO services to store migration, find all of these in a single basket. We provide all our services on time by meeting the expectation of clients and along these lines, our customers have discovered that we are not lying. 

They even made us feel blissful by showering us with gifts, cakes, and bouquets and made us feel that this day is just not whimsical for us but for them as well.  To commemorate this event of five years, we want to thank all our incredible and amazing clients that were there consistently and who confided in us.  Likewise, we want to thank the entirety of our current and past employees who gave their full-time support and invested their time and hard work for the prosperity of the organization.  Without the consistent help of each employee, it would not have been feasible for our organization to accomplish all the incredible work. 

Moving forward to the perplexing celebration that took place, it was delightful to see that every single moment of the day brought bliss, delight, and laughter to us. For the celebration of completing the radiant five years of ITGeeks in the market, the organization premise was adorned to make it look increasingly sublime and wonderful. 

Aside from enlivening the organization premises, there were numerous important minutes caught that delineate the satisfaction of each employee on being a part of the organization. 

We started our day by worshiping God and performing puja. Our bosses also took blessings from their parents. It was very mesmerizing to see an awesome environment where nearly everybody celebrated and moved joyfully.

The fuss of the day was a 3- layered designer cake. The cake was customized by us to impress our bosses. But here we were again given a task by them to eat a three-layered cut cake in a single go. And there

was complete silence as everyone's mouth was sealed with cake and teary eyes. I am pretty sure everyone would have gone home and drunk a big glass of lukewarm water. 

When talking about celebrations, cake with gifts is a must. HR ma'am on behalf of all the employees presented a laughing buddha for the office premise placed at the center of the office that assures happiness 24*7 just like our employees work 24*7 for the clients. Our bosses' expressions while seeing the laughing buddha made us feel at the top of the sky. 

This pandemic is a blessing in disguise for the family of ITGeeks. We celebrated this year keeping all safety measures in mind. Our bosses ensured that each and every employee of the organization celebrates this day amidst COVID19. Last but not the least, we grasped 

It’s not always the place that matters, but the person you’re with. 

Well, at the end of the day, the goals were simple: safety and security. 

Well, to put in a nutshell,  the goals were simple: safety and security.

And then it was our Eve:

We were taken to The Red Flag resort by our bosses for which the theme decided was black for all ladies and tuxedo for all guys. The party started with gatherings and fun.  All employees were given a batch with their title mentioned. 

Then, it was time to break the dance floor:

Everyone was shy until our bosses urged us to dance. But were really surprised to see Geekians dancing like wow. They were filled with energy like never before. Well, our bosses have finally seen our true colors and will never forget that.